Service Request

Please verify that the problem is not with your equipment before scheduling a service call. Repeated service calls due to faulty subscriber equipment, improper set-up, defective subscriber jumper cables and connections may be chargable at time and materials. Please check off the following self-help steps before proceeding:

The campus system must not be connected to the UHF terminals on your equipment.

If you can only get Ch 2-13 clearly, then you have not selected the proper input on the set-up menu or external switch. Refer to Owner's Manual.

If your TV does not work on another outlet, the problem could be with your TV not being tuned properly, not connected properly, being defective, or you may have defective jumper cables. If your equipment works on another outlet, then it could be a campus system fault.

Connect another known working set to your outlet. If that set works, then the problem is most likely with the patch cables or other connections.

If you have checked the above items, and still need assistance, click the proceed button below.