Technicolor Set-Top Box

Model DCI401

SD/HD MPEG-2/4 all-digital converter for North America


dci 401n



  • Decoding of SD/HD MPEG-2/4 digital cable TV signals to output via HDMI for digital TVs or RF output for legacy (analog) TVs
  • Remote controllable via RF and IR
  • Simple analog-TV-type user experience
  • Small compact design
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • On Screen EPG detail information
  • Handheld remote control included


Equipment available for the convenience of Campus Televideo customers and students only.

Must have a valid college/university email address (.edu) in order for delivery to be processed.

Set-Top Box: $108.00*

(Includes one remote control) 

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Additional Remote Control: $ 18.00*

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* Includes UPS Ground shipping & handling charge.

No shipments to Post Office Boxes.


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As an option to the DCI-401 there is an inexpensive set top box available through the Internet at a cost around $45 plus shipping.  

Model number - iView 3500 STB II
Manufactured by iView


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