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    Cable TV


Campus Televideo (CTV) is the largest provider of Directv satellite delivered cable television programming to colleges and universities, nationwide. Our services include annual as well as multi-year contracts that incorporate analog,  HDTV/All-Digital, IPTV platforms and other emerging technologies.


CTV’s goal is to provide the higher education marketplace with the greatest flexibility in programming content to meet the very different and diverse needs of each individual campus. In order to achieve that goal, CTV has developed relationships with all of the satellite programming carriers. Consequently, CTV is able to offer the most popular entertainment, education and foreign language programming available, including several channels not available from your local cable company. CTV extends this flexible service by allowing schools to pick and choose their channels, as opposed to being forced into basic packages carried by most cable companies. Furthermore, CTV customers have the ability to make changes to their channel lineups, at any time, allowing the school to change as their demographic profile changes.


Choosing your lineup is simple and exact. We provide the programming that you select from the hundreds of choices on our rate sheets. Our programming services are packaged so you pay a single package price, while retaining the ability to unbundle the package, alleviating the burden of paying for extra, unnecessary equipment and channels that you don't want.