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  Emergency Alert Systems (EAS)


Campus Televideo (CTV) provides cable TV comb and crawl emergency alert systems (EAS) for colleges and universities.  A comb system interrupts all television programming with text and audio messaging whereas a crawl system displays text messages as an overlay to the channel picture along with audio. 


The platform can deliver radio and television broadcast alerts from Federal, State, and Local authorities such as NOAA or FEMA, as well as campus originated messaging. Campus originated messages can be activated through the custom messaging platform via an Internet browser.  The custom messaging system can store prepared messages for immediate use or create on the fly alerts.  Text to speech conversion of custom messages is automatic.  


New CAP Integration 


Using FEMA's recently released Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) standard, CTV has integrated its cable TV EAS solution with a leading EAS platform to offer a single point of message origination to the TV, as well as text, phone, desktop, etc. For safety adminstrators this simplifies alert proceedures, speeds message delivery, and assures consistant messaging across all touchpoints.


CTV was the first provider in the higher education market to integrate this new technology with a leading mass notification provider.  CTV personnel worked with Monroe Electronics and e2Campus providing project management, testing, and team work to develop the necessary modifications to automatically deliver an e2Campus originated message through the Monroe platform to the TV. Click here to read the Press Release. Since then CTV has integrated with Rave Mobile Safety Press Release and Mutare. CTV will continue to roll out this capability with other leading EAS service providers in the near future.


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